The Implications and Consequences of Distracted Driving

distracted driving accident lawyer colmar paDistracted driving is an ever-present hazard on the roads, even more so today. The globalization of cell phone technology means that staying connected is now easier and cheaper than ever. Unfortunately, the rise of cell phone use also means the rise of distracted driving. Several states are now passing laws limiting the use of cell and smartphones while driving, with some requiring hands free technology for calls and banning texting while driving. Whether it’s a technology-related distraction or something else, lawmakers and law enforcement take the issue seriously. What are the laws, and what are the consequences of distracted driving?

The Statistics

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in 2013 ten percent of fatal crashes, 18% of crashes involving injuries, and 16% of all accidents were caused by distracted driving. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that nearly a half-million people were injured and over 3,000 were killed. These astonishing numbers have alarmed lawmakers all around the country and prompted them to take legislative action against distracted driving. Studies show that distracted driving can be just as impairing as driving while drunk or under the influence of drugs.

Distracted Driving Law in PA

Last updated in 2017, Pennsylvania’s distracted driving law is aimed at preventing injurious and deadly accidents. Texting and any electronic messaging while driving is banned. There is no restriction against talking on your hands-free phone, but if you cannot pay attention properly while talking and driving, you can still be cited under the law. A hands-free device for calls and GPS systems is encouraged. In addition, you can be pulled over for distracted driving while eating, reading or writing, attempting to put on makeup, and a number of other actions that take your attention away from the road. This often includes a citation and perhaps a fine.

Actions Have Consequences

In addition to being in a potentially fatal crash, the legal penalties associated with distracted driving mean the laws should be taken seriously. In addition to fines, there are potential civil and criminal consequences to reckless driving. A criminal conviction could mean suspension or loss of your driver’s license. If you are in legal trouble due to distracted driving or have been injured due to someone else’s distracted driving, it is important to contact an attorney to talk about your legal rights. Whether in a criminal or a civil setting, a negative outcome could impact you for years.

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