Understanding White Collar Crime

White collar crime is often a complex matter, and if you are facing charges, you will need strong legal representation to avoid serious consequences. At Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford, we have protected the rights of numerous Pennsylvania clients accused of a broad spectrum of white collar crimes. We understand that a conviction can come with repercussions that seem unduly harsh.

For example, some of those convicted of crimes such as embezzlement or mortgage fraud have been sentenced to decades in prison, according to Forbes. Others who had allegedly been involved in white collar crimes ranging from identity theft to professional malpractice are serving life sentences in prisons that are already crowded.

White collar crime has been around for as long as professionals have been in business, but the subject is constantly changing due to business trends and improvements in technology. The rise in online commerce has particularly affected the growth of Internet crimes and identity theft.

Just how easy is it to get pulled into the trap of white collar crime? Many professionals can find themselves tempted to take some funds out of petty cash “just this once,” but become drawn to this quick fix again and again, especially if they have easy access to accounts. Others might enjoy the rush of getting away with a seemingly innocent, small act of theft or forgery. Some might be persuaded to join co-workers in a scheme they didn’t even realize was illegal. These actions often have the effect of gaining momentum until they are irreversibly out of control.