What To Know About Herniated Discs After a Car Accident in Pennsylvania

What To Know About Herniated Discs After a Car Accident in PennsylvaniaMany car accidents are accompanied by injuries. While some car accident injuries are relatively minor and resolve relatively quickly, others require long-term medical attention. Herniated discs are one of the most common injuries car accident victims experience. Herniated discs can present a variety of symptoms depending on the severity. However, many people who experience a herniated disc require medical attention and physical therapy. 

If you have been in a car accident and are experiencing back pain, it’s important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. If your pain is accident-related, you may be able to receive compensation for costs associated with your injury, such as medical bills. A skilled personal injury lawyer is a great resource for understanding the options you have for accident-related injuries. Here is some important information to know about herniated discs.

What to Know About Herniated Discs After a Car Accident in Pennsylvania

It is common for car accident victims to experience back injuries after an accident. Your back is composed of a complex system of discs, nerves, and vertebras. These moving components provide structural support for your body and communicate pain signals with the brain. Some of the spinal parts that are susceptible to injury in a car accident include:

  • Vertebrae, or the bony structures that provide support to your spinal cord and help you stand properly.
  • The spinal cord, or bundle of nerve fibers that connects your brain to the bottom of the spine.
  • Spinal nerves, which branch off your spinal cord, sending messages and pain signals to the muscles in your body.
  • Discs, or the cushions that act as shock absorbers for the back.

Since the areas between these different components are small, when any swelling occurs from an injury, it can pose serious concerns. Specifically, since discs act as shock absorbers for the body, any damage can cause serious problems. If you have been involved in a car accident and suspect you may have a herniated disc, it’s important to seek prompt medical attention. 

What Causes Herniated Discs? 

Natural factors like aging and lifestyle choices place certain groups at a higher risk for experiencing herniated discs. However, many herniated discs occur because of a trauma. Specifically, car accidents are a common culprit, as they subject the spine to a series of strong forces that can put pressure on the discs and cause them to “slip” out of place.

Treating Herniated Discs 

The symptoms of herniated discs can present on a scale. Some individuals may be able to recover with physical therapy, medication, and rest while others will need surgery. If pain from a herniated disc does not resolve with non-surgical treatments, you may require surgery. There are a variety of surgical treatments a doctor may use for a herniated disc depending on the severity and location of the disc on your spine. Some of the surgical treatments a doctor may use to treat a herniated disc include:

  • Artificial disc replacement, which involves extracting damaged disc material and replacing the affected disc with a plastic or metal device.
  • Laminectomy, which involves removing the surrounding vertebra to provide more space in the spine and take pressure off affected nerve roots.  
  • Discectomy, which involves removing the affected disc to take pressure off the nerves.

These are a couple of surgical options for treating herniated discs. Meeting with a doctor is the best way to determine the best option for your situation. Additionally, it’s important to consult a skilled personal injury lawyer to ensure you receive compensation for any accident-related medical costs.

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