Wireless Safety Systems and Pennsylvania Workers

Pennsylvania workers, as well as their employers, may be interested in a wireless safety system that can improve safety conditions. A lack of monitoring of safety fixtures such as eye baths and safety showers can make it difficult to ensure that the equipment is functioning properly, according to federal safety regulations. Wireless systems have been introduced as a cost-effective way to monitor a variety of safety equipment and reduce maintenance costs while maintaining compliance with regulations.

One major step that can be taken to improve safety conditions in the workplace is to install alarms at safety stations to alert management when one is in use. Wireless monitoring systems and alarms are affordable and easy to install, improving the safety and efficiency of safety systems. When an alarm sounds after a safety station has been used, a wireless system can speed up the response time, making it possible for help to arrive sooner for the worker that has been injured on the job or exposed to a dangerous substance.

Wireless systems also keep thorough records of safety station usage, making it possible for management to analyze workplace accidents. The central record of use can indicate that a particular station is used often, which could point to misuse. Alarms also discourage vandalism and help enforce proper activities according to federal standards. Wireless systems are also ideal for use in places where wired systems are difficult to install.

Workers who have been injured in a workplace accident may be eligible to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. An attorney can describe the scope and nature of the benefits that may be available and can also assist with the preparation and filing of the claim.