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What Not To Do After A Car Accident

From a distracted driver who rear-ends your car at a traffic light to a drunk driver who sideswipes your vehicle as you travel down the highway, traffic accidents can happen anywhere and to anyone. During 2014 alone, highway patrol officers throughout Pennsylvania responded to more than 121,000 reports of traffic accidents which sent nearly 80,000 people to hospitals and claimed the lives of 1,317.

Even the safest and most experienced drivers can fall victim to the careless and reckless actions of distracted, speeding and drunk drivers. When an accident happens, many drivers don't know what to do and consequently make mistakes that can negatively affect their ability to recover compensation for their injuries and repair costs.

Top 10 Common Misconceptions in Family Law

As a Montgomery County PA Family Law Attorney, I often have clients who come to my office with preconceived notions of what divorce and asset division will involve in their situations. These are some of the most commonly held beliefs which I hear from people regularly.

Men face vehicular homicide charges after street race

Two young Pennsylvania men have been ordered to stand trial on involuntary manslaughter and vehicular homicide charges in connection with a 2015 street race that left three young people dead and a teen seriously injured. The two 20-year-olds are said to have been behind the wheels of a Chevrolet Impala and an Acura TL that raced each other at speeds of nearly 100 mph in a Northeast Philadelphia business park on July 29, 2015.

Police used footage captured by security cameras at several businesses located on Sandmeyer Lane to determine what happened in the moments leading up to the fatal car crash. Accident reconstruction specialists say that the Acura was traveling at approximately 97 mph when its driver lost control after striking a curb. The car left skid marks 112 feet long on Sandmeyer Lane and flew almost 60 feet in the air before striking a tree, splitting in half and bursting into flames.

Getting divorced? Is your ex hiding something?

There are many issues that can spur debate and controversy between divorcing spouses. Undoubtedly, some of the most contentious divorce issues revolve around the division of assets and property. This is often especially true in high-asset divorces, where couples tend to have a complex and diversified assortment of investment and retirement accounts.

If you are contemplating filing or recently filed for divorce and suspect that a soon-to-be ex-spouse is attempting to hide assets, a divorce attorney who has experience handling complex divorces can be an invaluable asset.

Pennsylvania sheriff's officer critically injured in elevator

A sheriff's officer with the Philadelphia Sheriff's Office was critically injured when a mechanism on an elevator in which he was riding broke, sending the elevator flying upwards into the ceiling. The incident happened on Aug. 4 at around 10 a.m. while the officer was working at the Philadelphia Criminal Justice Center.

Reports indicate that the officer was riding a staff elevator in order to get a jury when the mechanism broke. The elevator shot up into the ceiling of the elevator shaft, which caused it crash and sent debris falling.

Premises liability lawsuits for businesses

Thousands of Pennsylvania residents visit hospital emergency rooms each year after falling prey to slip-and-fall accidents. Lawsuits stemming from slips, trips and falls are among the most common kinds of personal injury litigation. Building owners usually limit their exposure to this kind of legal action by inserting provisions in their leases that make safety the responsibility of tenants, and it is usually the occupiers of premises that are named as defendants in slip-and-fall lawsuits.

Plaintiffs must establish two things in order to prevail in a premises liability lawsuit. They must first demonstrate that the defendant was aware of a situation or condition that was unsafe or potentially unsafe and then prove that they suffered injury, loss or damage because the defendant failed to take adequate actions to protect visitors. While this type of litigation is usually filed on behalf of injured visitors, vendors or customers, even trespassers are owed a duty of care by premises occupiers.

Workers' compensation coverage for job travel

In Pennsylvania and other states, workers' compensation insurance does not pay benefits for any injuries that happen to an employee who is driving to or from work. This rule is known as the going and coming rule, and courts have consistently upheld its legitimacy. Many other circumstances when an employee is traveling, however, do fall within the scope of workers' compensation coverage.

Someone on a business trip can consider most activities that take place during the trip to be work related. Time spent at a convention, training class or seminar is clearly part of the job. An injury that occurs during travel or time between between work duties on the trip would also qualify for coverage.

As the weather warms up, drowning danger rises

Many Pennsylvania swimmers may be looking to enjoy the summer months by spending as much time as possible in a swimming pool. These pool lovers should be aware that drowning is a risk to swimmers of all ages and skill levels.

While Children are more likely to drown than adults, most people who drown each year in the United States are over the age of 14. A person can drown without giving any sign of distress. Children often slip under the water without being noticed, and adults sometimes go under if they have a seizure that is caused by a medical condition or if they have been drinking or doing drugs. In natural bodies of water, currents or other conditions may cause even a good swimmer to be pulled under or unable to swim to safety.

Compliance deadline soon for new OSHA reporting rule

Employers in Pennsylvania will soon be required to send work-related injury and illness data to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration electronically. OSHA plans to collect the data and post it for public viewing on its website. The planned public disclosure of workplace safety and health information is an effort to encourage employers to improve safety at their work sites.

The electronic recordkeeping and reporting rule goes into effect Jan. 1, 2017, but employers must comply with certain provisions of the rule earlier. By Aug. 10 of this year, employers must be in compliance with anti-retaliation provisions of the rule that require employers to make sure employees feel comfortable reporting injuries and illnesses.

Garbage truck accident sends 3 workers to the hospital

On June 29, a crash involving a garbage truck injured three sanitation workers in Philadelphia. The accident took place in Juniata Park while the truck was traveling down East Hunting Park Avenue at 9:30 a.m. According to police, the driver of the garbage truck crashed while trying to avoid a collision with a compact car.

After swerving out of the way of the compact car, the garbage truck overturned and landed on its driver's side. The garbage truck hit a mailbox, utility pole and fence during the workplace accident. The three occupants of the garbage truck were all taken to nearby hospitals, and a section of East Hunting Park Avenue was shut down while the truck was removed. Police also launched an investigation of the accident at the crash scene.

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