7 Tips for Passing Motorcycles Safely in Pennsylvania

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September 22, 2021

7 Tips for Passing Motorcycles Safely in PennsylvaniaThere is a lot to look out for to be as safe as possible when driving on Pennsylvania roads, from debris in the road to other cars or trucks. Due to other distractions being plentiful while driving, many drivers tend not to notice the compact motorcycles that also occupy the roads alongside them. According to a report taken in 2019, there are over 360,000 registered motorcycles on the roads in Pennsylvania. 

Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg, and Gifford is a law firm with experience helping victims of motorcycle accidents in Pennsylvania. With so many motorcycles on the road alongside other motor vehicles, it is crucial to be aware of these seven tips for passing motorcycles safely in Pennsylvania. 

How to Safely Pass a Motorcycle in Pennsylvania

Motorcycle accidents can be deadly for everyone involved, especially the driver of the motorcycle. To avoid a catastrophic accident from occurring, the following tips will help you know how to pass a motorcycle safely when driving in Pennsylvania. 

Make Sure You Locate the Motorcycle 

If you are driving and a motorcyclist has been driving near your car, you should know where they are located on the road. Drivers should do this with any other vehicle on the road, but it is easy to lose a motorcycle due to its compact size. This is especially important to do before switching lanes on the highway. 

Pass at a Reasonable Speed

When passing a motorcycle, keep your speed at the speed limit. You should not try to speed and pass them too quickly or go too slow, causing confusion about your intentions. Doing this will help make the transition safer as you pass by the motorcyclist. 

Give Yourself Enough Room for Lane Changes

You should give yourself a few car lengths of space to ensure you do not sideswipe them whenever passing a motorcycle. 


All too often, drivers forget to use their signals when turning or switching lanes. The signal lets motorcyclists know what your intention is so they can do their part to make sure they are out of danger when you pass. 

Do Not Swerve In and Out of Lanes

Keep in your lane until you have decided to pass the motorcycle. Swerving in and out of lanes is dangerous and may cause a motorcycle to go off the road or crash into you. 

Match the Speed of Traffic

When passing a motorcycle, keep up with the speed of traffic. Do not suddenly slow down after you have passed the motorcyclist, as this may cause a rear-end collision. 

Avoid Splitting Groups of Bikers

Groups of bikers tend to travel together when heading out for a ride or going to an event. If you drive into the middle of a biker group, you risk being too close to one or more motorcyclists and disrupting their ride flow. 

When Should You Pass a Motorcycle?

Passing a motorcycle should be done so with care and the listed safety tips in mind. However, when to perform the pass may be worrisome for drivers. The following are situations that are best suited for a driver to pass a motorcycle safely:

  • The motorcycle has dropped below the speed limit or the natural flow of traffic in your lane
  • You have a clear lane to pass the motorcycle
  • You can pass the motorcycle without exceeding the speed limit or the flow of traffic
  • You can pass in the left lane
  • You have good visibility to ensure you are passing them safely and at a distance

Following these tips may help avoid an accident with a motorcycle in Pennsylvania.

Partner With the Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Passing a motorcycle safely on the road is vital in doing one’s part to prevent an accident. However, if an accident does occur, the victims may be left with detrimental injuries. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, you may want to partner with a team of experienced motorcycle accident attorneys. 

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Legally reviewed by:
Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford P.C.
Pennsylvania Attorney's
September 22, 2021
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