When Does Walmart Drop Shoplifting Charges?

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September 22, 2021

When Does Walmart Drop Shoplifting Charges?Walmart experiences a high rate of shoplifting and because of this, their security and precautions for theft are strict. The store’s no-tolerance policy enforces their belief that shoplifters will be held accountable for the crime they commit. To make sure their merchandise is protected, Walmart has multiple systems in place to catch shoplifters.

From extensive CCTV surveillance to spider wrap alarm systems, Walmart has various ways to catch people committing or are attempting to commit theft. While theft is a common crime and occurs daily, the penalties an individual can face are still severe. Shoplifting often leads to fines, jail time, and other penalties. If you find yourself in a similar situation, contacting an experienced defense attorney is essential to your case. 

How Does Walmart Define Shoplifting?

While most think that theft only refers to someone taking merchandise from the store, there are actually a wide variety of ways someone can commit theft without fully understanding what they are doing. A few examples of how Walmart my convict you of theft include: 

Moving an Item

If a person is caught moving an item into a sale section or going somewhere else in the store to consume a product, that person can be considered suspicious and a threat to the store. Having the surveillance camera pick up the theft is enough to charge you with shoplifting. 

Altering Price Tags

A person caught switching, removing or changing the price tag on an item is another form of theft and Walmart can pursue legal action. The cameras and the loss prevention agents can check to make sure the change to the price was not done on purpose.

Intent to Shoplift

While this form of shoplifting may be challenging to prove, there are times when a loss prevention agent will stop the person trying to commit theft. However, there are systems in place that prevent agents from chasing after or putting their hands on shoplifters. 

Walmart wants to make sure that its items are safe from theft. There are many reasons for someone to commit theft. People make mistakes all the time and if you find yourself in a similar situation, seeking assistance from an attorney can significantly help reduce your chances of severe punishments. 

Can I Get My Walmart Shoplifting Charges Dropped?

Walmart is strict on its shoplifting convictions and will often pursue legal action to enforce its no-tolerance rules. However, there are a few ways charges can be dropped, including: 

  • You are a minor
  • Items stolen were less than $25
  • If this is your first-time theft offense

Another way Walmart can drop your charge is if you are injured or assaulted during the event. An employee is not allowed to physically touch you trying to stop you from leaving the store. When you speak with a reliable attorney, they will offer honest advice for what you should do next. 

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Legally reviewed by:
Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford P.C.
Pennsylvania Attorney's
September 22, 2021
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