Bicycle Accident Attorney in Bucks County

Bucks County is full of beautiful places to bike. However, roads are not always the safest for cyclists. Other vehicles and various dangers can put bicycle riders at risk for an accident. If you have sustained injuries in a bicycle accident, you have the right to pursue financial compensation, which our professional team of Bucks County bicycle accident lawyers may be able to help you accomplish.

At Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford, P.C., we have served the Bucks County area for over 65 years, including bicycle accident cases. We understand that recovery should be your top priority after your injury, so we are here to help you understand the different aspects of a bicycle accident claim in Pennsylvania.

What Qualifies as a Bicycle Accident in Pennsylvania?

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, 819 bicycle accidents occurred in the state in 2020. These incidents can involve other vehicles or result from poor road conditions or falling debris. No matter the cause of your bike accident, injuries may be serious.

A head injury is one of the most common results of a bicycle accident. Even if you wear a helmet, making contact with the ground can still cause damage, like emotional and cognitive impairment or partial paralysis in some cases. Sometimes, a brain injury will not show symptoms for a long time, but it is still imperative to see a doctor after your accident. This will allow you to get ahead of your injury and provide helpful information for your claim.

Who May Be Held Liable in a Pennsylvania Bicycle Accident?

Because so many factors contribute to a bicycle accident, determining an at-fault party can be challenging. Depending on the circumstances of the incident, those who could be held responsible for a bike accident include the following:

  • The driver of a vehicle: If a driver behaved recklessly or negligently or was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they could be held liable for the accident.
  • Car or bike manufacturer: A defective car or bicycle part may have malfunctioned and caused an accident. In this case, the manufacturer of that part may be responsible.
  • Construction company: If a construction company fails to secure building materials, they might be held accountable for the crash.
  • Business or government agency: A business or government agency may be responsible for an accident if they fail to properly maintain their roads and repair any damage.
  • The bicyclist: You may be at fault if you rode in a prohibited area or violated traffic laws.

Please keep in mind that Pennsylvania is a modified comparative negligence state. This means your damages may be reduced if you have any fault in the accident. For example, if you end up being 30% at fault, your damages would be reduced by 30%. If your percentage of fault exceeds 50%, you will not be entitled to any damages. 

Potential Recoverable Damages for a Bicycle Accident 

If you sustained your injuries due to another party’s negligence, you are entitled to pursue compensation for your losses. You can receive economic and non-economic damages, which include the following:

  • Current and future medical bills
  • Hospital bills
  • Rehabilitation and other therapy treatments
  • Medications
  • Lost wages from missed work
  • Property damage
  • Reduced quality of life
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Emotional distress

Because you may be entitled to damages that affect multiple aspects of your life, it is essential to track how your injuries have affected you. Keeping all medical bills, tracking doctor feedback, and documenting the changes you have made to accommodate your injury will help your bicycle accident attorney build the strongest case possible. Your Bucks County bicycle accident lawyer may also help you compile this information and listen to your story to present it to your insurance company.

How to File a Bicycle Accident Claim in Pennsylvania

You need to file a claim in order to receive financial compensation for your losses. In Pennsylvania, you have two years from the date of the accident to file. This may seem like a long time, but it may take a while to recover, and delays may get in the way. Therefore, contacting a bicycle accident lawyer may help you ensure your claim is submitted on time, so you do not miss the opportunity to fight for compensation.

Additionally, Pennsylvania is also a no-fault state. This means that regardless of who is at fault for the accident, both parties must turn to their insurance companies to file their claim and collect their compensation. Any remaining damages can then be pursued through a personal injury claim.

We understand dealing with insurance companies can be difficult. They may try to offer you a low settlement, and keeping track of offers and counteroffers is a lot to manage on your own. Our bicycle accident attorneys may be able to negotiate with your insurance company and present them your case to get you a fair settlement without going to court. 

Consult a Bucks County Bike Accident Lawyer at Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford, P.C.

After sustaining injuries in a bicycle accident, taking the time to heal is most important. The claims process can be time-consuming and complicated, so our talented team of Bucks County bicycle accident lawyers is here to guide you and fight for the compensation you deserve.

At Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford, P.C., we are proud to serve the Bucks County area for over 65 years. Our legal team consists of well-versed, professional bicycle accident attorneys with the skills and resources to negotiate with insurance companies and gather as much evidence as possible to better your chances of a fair settlement. Give us a call at (215) 822-7575 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free consultation.