5 Mistakes to Avoid if You Are Facing Criminal Charges in Pennsylvania

Being arrested and charged with a crime in Pennsylvania is a harrowing experience that could upend your life instantly. The time between the commission of the crime and your trial may be among the most stressful times in your life. However, how you conduct yourself during this time can dramatically impact the outcome of your case.

If you are under investigation for a crime in Pennsylvania, it is in your best interest to have a highly-qualified criminal defense attorney on your side. Your attorney will review your case and help you avoid making any serious mistakes before your trial.

Common Mistakes to Avoid if You Are a Criminal Defendant in Pennsylvania

Anything you do as you await your trial could significantly affect your defense. Some common mistakes to avoid include:

Fleeing From the Police

While you may be frightened in the heat of the moment, running from the police will only hurt you in the long run. The police will catch up to you, and you may face additional penalties. The prosecutor for your case may even use the fact that you ran to establish that you had a guilty conscience.

Talking About Your Case

After your arrest, you should invoke your right to remain silent. Many criminal defendants believe that talking to the police may lessen the charges and penalties they face. However, anything you tell the police could be used against you during your trial. Even details you may think are harmless to share could contradict your alibi or be seen as an admission of guilt.

Posting on Social Media

During this confusing and stressful time, you may be tempted to post on social media to vent your frustrations and connect with others. Police officers and prosecutors often turn to social media to look for evidence for a case. A poorly worded joke or incriminating photo could become crucial evidence in the case against you.

Missing Your Court Date

After being charged with a crime in Pennsylvania, you may have to appear before a judge several times before your actual trial. Be sure to note the dates and times and plan to arrive. Missing a court date has several consequences, such as fines, your bond being revoked, and an additional warrant for your arrest. The judge may even see your failure to appear as a lack of remorse or an indication you are not taking your charges seriously.

Waiting to Hire an Attorney

As soon as you know you are being suspected of a crime, it is vital to contact a criminal defense attorney. It is never too early to prepare your defense and plan your next steps. Your attorney will advocate for your rights every step of the way and help you avoid common pitfalls that may damage your chances of a favorable outcome.

Partner With a Trusted Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Attorney

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