Dog Bite Attorney in Bucks County

Dogs are extremely popular. People who do not even own dogs love them. They are called man’s best friend and have featured in millions of internet videos. Dogs are loved by many people worldwide, but loving a dog does not automatically make someone a responsible dog owner.

Many dogs are not adequately trained or have only been trained for violence and can’t handle being around people and other animals. When they lash out, the consequences can be grave. No one should have to deal with a dog attack. Dogs have powerful jaws packed with sharp teeth that can cause substantial damage. To receive the money you need for medical bills, lost earnings, and other expenses, you should reach out to an experienced dog bite lawyer. 

What Is Pennsylvania’s Dangerous Dog Statute?

Many dog bite victims do not realize a dog is dangerous until it is too late. Without proper warning and handling from the dog’s owner, a person could be seriously injured when encountering a dog. According to Pennsylvania law when a dog with a history of dangerous behavior badly attacks a human, the owner is liable for all damages.

Pennsylvania’s Dangerous Dog Statute outlines what the law considers to be a dangerous dog. A dangerous dog has engaged in any of the following behaviors:

  • Attacked someone without cause and caused them serious injury, such as fractured bones or disfiguring lacerations requiring several sutures or cosmetic surgery 
  • Killed or severely injured another household animal without provocation while outside its owner’s property
  • Assaulted a person without cause
  • Has been used in the commission of a crime

In combination with these behaviors, a dangerous dog also has a history of unprovoked attacks on people or domestic animals or a propensity to unprovoked attacks on people or domestic animals.

Can Dog Bites Cause Permanent Injuries?

Although you may be aware of how painful a dog bite can be, many people underestimate the severity of the injuries it can cause. An experienced dog bite lawyer can help you look at the impact of your injuries and assess the value of your case. Knowing the actual cost of your injuries can help the Bucks County personal injury lawyers assist you in securing total compensation for your expenses and suffering.

Dog Bites Can Result in Permanent Disfigurement

Dogs that manage to hang on to their victims with their powerful jaws can disfigure them. The damage caused by their gnashing teeth could be so extensive that it permanently alters how the victim looks. 

Facial deformity, in particular, has the potential to change one’s life and inflict considerable physical and psychological harm. Sometimes, the damage is severe enough that the victim may need reconstructive surgery.

Dog Bites Might Leave You Permanently Disabled

Dog bite wounds can be so severe that they permanently impair the victim. When attacking, dogs frequently target their victims’ hands, arms, feet, and legs. If a dog bites hard enough, it may injure muscles, tendons, or nerves. The strength of the bite combined with rigorous pulling and shaking can pierce and tear at these underlying parts to the point where they cannot heal to their original state, impairing their ability to operate. 

Sometimes, this impairment is temporary, but it is often permanent. If the damage is so severe that doctors cannot save the limb, they must remove it. Children are especially likely to have amputations following dog bites because their bodies are smaller and more susceptible to severe damage. Amputating a limb is a major surgical procedure, and losing a limb means that amputees must relearn fundamental actions, which can be frustrating and stressful.

Dog Bites Can Leave You With Long-Term Mental Health Problems

Due to the viciousness of dog attacks and the injuries they cause, victims will likely experience trauma. As a result of their ordeal, many dog attack victims develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and find it challenging to be around dogs after their attack. Other psychological damage can result from having injuries that cause disfigurement and impairment, which are permanent reminders of the attack you experienced. 

These injuries can also make people’s lives significantly more difficult, and the added difficulties can take a toll on a person’s outlook on life. Physical and psychological disorders both have debilitating effects. Even with the assistance of mental health professionals, these mental health problems frequently last the remainder of a person’s life. Even though the law in this area is complex, an experienced attorney might be able to help you get compensation for emotional damages brought on by a dog attack.

What Damages Can Dog Bite Victims Recover in Bucks County?

Since the victims of dog bites typically experience extensive physical damage as well as psychological trauma, they are often able to recover economic and non-economic damages. 

By pursuing economic damages, victims can attempt to recover compensation or losses such as medical expenses, loss of current and future wages, and other expenses that have resulted from their injury. The cost of these losses correlates to an exact dollar amount, making them easier to keep track of and consider the estimated value of your claim.  

Because of their dog attack, victims are also likely to suffer emotional damages, which do not have an exact dollar value. The amount you request can include the cost of therapy, but that does not fairly reflect the pain and suffering you experience. You must consider the emotional damages that result from having to drastically alter your life due to a debilitating injury or the mental anguish you experience from having physical scars that serve as a constant reminder of your attack. 

Since these emotional damages do not have an exact dollar value, you would need an experienced dog bite lawyer to help you estimate what you could potentially receive as compensation for this suffering.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Dog Bites in Bucks County?

Because they are living beings, dogs are not entirely predictable. Even after spending years and thousands of dollars on training them, dogs may still react violently to people and other animals. Various things can trigger a dog bite, but it is ultimately the owner’s responsibility to maintain control of their dog and ensure that it does not injure anyone.

The following factors contribute to the prevalence of dog bites and attacks:

  • The dog is protective of their owner.
  • The dog was attempting to protect their home or territory.
  • The dog was startled by something.
  • The dog feels intimidated by the person or afraid of them.
  • The dog is very excitable and bites while at play.

Unless the dog was attacked or provoked, the dog’s owner bears ultimate responsibility for the dog’s actions and behavior.

Retain the Services of an Experienced Bucks County Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog attacks are horrible events that leave their victims scarred physically and emotionally. When a dog bites, people are often completely unprepared and at a loss for what to do. Many people are unaware that the dog owner will most likely have homeowner’s insurance that will provide coverage for their negligence involving their pets.  Thereafter, if the insurance company refuses to settle the case, you must be aware of your right to sue the owner of the dog that bit you for damages. They are responsible for raising and controlling their dog’s behavior, so they must be held accountable for any harm their dog causes.

Holding someone accountable for their negligence can be challenging on your own, which is why you should retain the services of an experienced dog bite lawyer from Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford. Our firm has successfully handled numerous dog bite cases, so we are well-equipped to provide you with valuable legal assistance. We have been fighting for Pennsylvania families for decades and have assisted injured clients in obtaining sizable payouts for their damages. To schedule a consultation, contact our law firm at (215) 822-7575 or complete our contact form.