Fire Extinguisher Basics to Stay Safe in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Fire & Burn Injury LawyerWhile most buildings and houses are equipped with a fire extinguisher, very few people actually know how to operate one in the event of an emergency. This crucial information is necessary to understand before you need to use a fire extinguisher. The last thing someone wants to do is attempt to extinguish a flame with something that will spread or speed up the existing flames. For this reason, Pennsylvania residents need to have a basic understanding of the major types of fires and the way to operate a fire extinguisher in order to avoid a fire-related accident and burn injuries.

Types of Fires and Fire-Related Accidents in Montgomery County, PA

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) defines the main types of fires. Every fire extinguisher has a label that explains the class of fire that it can be used on. Type A fires feed on combustible sources such as plastics, paper, cloth, and wood. Pressurized water or multi-purpose chemical extinguishers are appropriate for this class of fire. Carbon dioxide extinguishers put out class B or C fires. Class B fires are fueled by liquids like gas, kerosene, or oil, and Class C fires are electrical in nature.

Basic Fire Extinguisher Use to Prevent Fire Accident in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

When using an extinguisher, always ensure that an exit is nearby in case you need to evacuate. The “pull, aim, squeeze, and sweep” method should be utilized to fight the flames. According to FEMA, the flames should be extinguished within five seconds. If it takes any longer, then it’s best to evacuate rather than attempt to fight the fire.

Injured in a Fire in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania?

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