How Can Social Media Put Teens at Risk of Child Pornography Charges?

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July 1, 2022

Minor browsing social media. How teens can avoid being charged with child crimes.Social media is a fantastic tool to form and keep connections with people. People can share their experiences instantly and communicate with friends within seconds through social media. The biggest age group to consistently participate in the social media online space are teenagers. Most of their lives are shared on social media apps. They have the ability to enjoy and preserve their memories through social media.

Unfortunately, sharing specific images and videos on social media can put teenagers at risk of child pornography charges. U.S. laws that govern child pornography issues are rigorous and unforgiving. If your teenager is facing child pornography charges, an experienced criminal defense lawyer can help your family navigate the legal proceedings.

How Can a Teenager Distribute Child Pornography?

Teenagers are at risk of accidentally distributing child pornography through social media because they are unaware that their actions are illegal. Anytime a teenager shares nude images of children or images of children engaging in sexual conduct, the teen runs the risk of distributing child pornography.

Teenagers participating in is sexting run the risk of falling into child pornography charges. While the act of sexting is not illegal, teenagers are at risk of criminal charges when they begin to send videos and images of themselves or others nude or in sexual situations. Other common misunderstandings that may lead to teenagers being charged with child pornography include:

Innocently Posting Nude or Semi-nude Pictures of Children

Older siblings may post a photo of their younger sibling in the tub. They may post a video of their younger sibling running around naked because they find it funny. Posting these images and videos is not done with ill intent, but they might set off alarm bells for social media content moderators, which may lead to federal agents charging the teen with a crime.

Unintentionally Viewing Illegal Sexual Content

Teenagers do not often stop and consider that clicking on a link may have criminal consequences. However, links can lead them straight to illegal images and videos. Their computer becomes a host for a virus filled with child pornography which lands them in a complicated criminal situation.

Criminal charges can arise if teenagers are accused of viewing, creating, buying, selling, hosting, or distributing images or videos containing children in sexual situations. However innocent the teenager’s actions might have been, the nature of social media’s sharing and distributing places them at risk of being charged with child pornography.

Being convicted of child pornography can have lifelong consequences for your teenager. To help ensure an innocent mistake does not mark them for the rest of their lives, consult an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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Legally reviewed by:
Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford P.C.
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July 1, 2022
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